From the desk of Principal

The name DAV itself is renowned to everyone and it always follows the traditional culture of our great country. DAV has a long experience of educating the children. DAV administration has found that whether they have proper curriculum and syllabus for the children of its own school, but the teachers haven’t the proper methodology to teach the students of any school. It doesn’t mean the teachers are not capable but DAV administration wants a cordial relation between teachers and students.

In this view DAV has decided to establish Teachers Training Colleges in many towns. We are so fortunate that this gift has been provided to our town also. Since 2009 BNS DAV Teachers Training College, Giridih has established a milestone in this town. Today, an expert panel of teachers is providing their all spirits to 100 upcoming teachers every year.

Now a day’s all 100 students including many of the females are continuing their study in the guidance of well versed, well trained and expert teachers. The student gets a warm and equipped atmosphere and facilities in our premises. We have furnished well settled library for the students which helps them to get different knowledge regarding the subjects.

Besides this curriculum and syllabus based activities, we organize social activities like plantation, base line education and economical surveys along with other social reforms. Our students also perform different cultural activities like singing, plays, street plays, mock plays, and so on. We also conduct several competitions such as Quiz Contest, GK Contest, Debates and sports activities & celebrations.

During the study, our students go for the teaching practice in Govt. Middle Schools and Govt. High Schools for their teaching practice. It helps the students to know that how we can make our teaching more effective.

Last but not the least our motto is to spread a cordial healthy educational status with maintaining the moral values.


-Dr. Mukesh Sharma